Karachi Press Club

Subhan Ali Sahil, senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, in a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, made the alarming claim that all polling staff appointed in the city, including the District Returning Officer and Returning Officers, have been clinically appointed to the benefit of one particular political party. He said that in the General Elections of May 11th there was massive rigging at polling stations in Karachi and that the local bureaucracy, Election Commission, law enforcement agencies, polling staff and corrupt politicians were all involved in this conspiracy.

He further said that such a conspiracy could not have been possible if there was an impartial Election Commission and an independent Election Tribunal managing the electoral process.

He then alleged that a major political party in the city has hand picked the DRO, ROs and other polling staff who will facilitate their rigging and that the leaders of this party have already taken control of the polling stations across the city. He further alleged that in order to counter any resistance and protests “hit squads” have been constituted and given special instructions.

He felt that it is impossible to expect free, fair and transparent elections in such an environment.