Qurratulain (Annie) Zaman served as the first Project Director for PakVotes. As a journalist, she has worked with one of Pakistan’s leading dailies “Daily Times” and Germany’s international broadcaster “Deutsche Welle”. She was in charge of media program at FES-Pakistan, a German political foundation. Currently, she works as a media consultant and trainer, and writes for Global Voices. She divides her time between London & Bonn. She tweets at @natrani.

Abid Hussain is a journalist, currently working at Herald Magazine, Dawn. He can be reached at @abidhussayn.

Asad Baig is Program Officer at the Foundation Open Society Institute, Pakistan. He can be reached at @asadbeg.

Ayesha Tammy Haq is a lawyer and a media personality. She has practiced law in the UK, Pakistan, the Philippines and the USA and has worked on several international projects in particular power and telecom. Tammy hosts 24seven, a current affairs talk show on Business Plus. She also writes opinion pieces for several newspapers and publications and hosts a radio show on FM89. She can be reached at @tammyhaq.

Jehanzaib Haque is a journalist, currently serving as the Web Editor at The Express Tribune. He can be reached at @jhaque_.

Marvi Sirmed is a political scientist, freelance columnist, human rights activist and a prominent blogger. Currently, she’s serving as National Program Officer at UNDP Pakistan in areas of parliamentary development. She can be reached at @marvisirmed.

Mehmal Sarfraz worked as the Op-Ed Editor of Daily Times, an English language daily in Pakistan. Ms. Sarfraz’s editorials, columns and analysis have mainly focused on highlighting religious extremism in Pakistan, terrorism, women’s rights, minority rights, peace in the region, inter-faith harmony, media freedom, reporting in conflict zones, Pak-Afghan relations, Pak-US relations, Indo-Pak relations, foreign policy, social issues and politics. She can be reached at @mehmal.

Nasreen Azhar is a Member of Pakistan National Commission on the Status of Women and, and a council member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Norbert Almeida is a security advisor and an experienced crisis manager, with regional experience extending across Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan & Pakistan. He can be reached at @norbalm.

Raza Rumi is a Pakistani columnist, Op-Ed writer, journalist, editor, blogger, and analyst. He regularly writes for the Pakistani weekly The Friday Times, Express Tribune and The News on diverse topics such as history, arts, literature and society. Academically, he is trained in economics, social development, law and public administration. He can be reached at @razarumi.

Safdar Dawar is President Tribal Union of Journalists, FATA Pakistan, and belongs to North Waziristan Agency. He can be reached at @dawarsafdar.

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