Former Federal Minister Shauqat Ali Bhatti promises bloodshed if by-elections are rigged

Yesterday a large political gathering in favour of PTI by-elections candidate Shauqat Ali Bhatti was held in Pindi Bhattian (NA-103). Also present at this occasion was former Federal Minister for Housing and Works, Liaquat Abbas Bhatti (formerly of the PML-Q). Addressing the gathered crowd, the former Minister called PML-N a party of cheats and accused them of shameless rigging in May’s general elections. He also then said that the days of rigging elections are now gone and promised violent consequences against the PML-N’s candidate and party workers should there be any suspicion of rigging in the upcoming by-elections.

Earlier, addressing the same crowd PTI candidate Shauqat Ali Bhatti claimed that those celebrating PML-N’s victory in May’s General Elections and rejoicing at Mian Nawaz Sharif’s return to premiership are now hanging their heads in shame as there has been no change in the poor state of the common man. He also said that the only way to control the damage the PML-N’s corrupt regime will do to the country is to elect Imran Khan as the leader of the opposition and for that the PTI needs to be successful in the upcoming by-elections.