A total number of 32 violations were reported out of which 11 were related to intimidation. A number of violations were interrelated such as the intimidation carried out in terms of stopping PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto’s convoy on his visit to Uch Sharif led to protests of the PPP leaders. In view of the same Senator Sherry Rehman of PPP also sent out a letter to ECP asking them to take notice of the issue to which a prompt reply was given in which the Punjab Police will be required to clarify their positions. In a similar event, Bilawal Bhutto’s convoy was stopped at Multan during his visit.

A video by Jibran Nasir, a rights activist, was viral on social media where he refused to declare Ahmadis as non-Muslims and took a stand for keeping religion and politics separate. He also asked the authorities to notice the incidents of street crimes such as mobile snatching that had happened with his volunteers during election campaigns.

Protests were also seen in an increasing trend and clashes arose between NAB and PML-N workers on the arrest of Captain (retired) Safdar of PML-N. People had difficulty in mobility due to the conditions. Another series of protests were carried out in Dera Ismail Khan for the release of Pashtun Tahafuzz Movement leader Hayat Ullah Preghal.

In terms of violations of code of conduct, there were noticeable posters especially of PTI that alluded to religious connotations. A Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) poster at Quetta was also reported for carrying the same violation. Our citizen journalists from Bahawalpur also sent stories of violations carried out in the political gatherings of PML-N.

The inquiry against the violation of ECP code of conduct was seen against PTI’s Nasir Cheema who was disqualified for using the picture of the Army Chief in his campaign. Show cause notices have also been served to Ahsan Iqbal, Imran Khan and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi amongst others.

Citizen journalists from Bahawalpur sent their stories which were reported regarding the violation of code of conduct in southern Punjab. Most violations were related to the local body involvement in the political gatherings.

PTI’s Salman Ahmad received a huge backlash from the leading journalists amongst major journalists and activists when he posted a tweet targeting Maryam Nawaz Sharif in a derogatory and misogynist manner. The tweet was later deleted but people asked him to clarify his position on which he defended that it was a tweet against negative and low politics of PML-N. Overall violation of code of conduct was the main observed trend with intimidation and inflammatory speech being the second and third trend respectively.

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