The reports for the Election Monitoring for the first week of July were submitted from 2nd July 2018 to 6th July 2018. The monitoring was being done through various television channels, the use of twitter and Facebook and the evidences from different field monitors. A total of 40 reports were submitted out of which 25 pertained to the violation of code of conduct issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

These violations were mostly related to the use of wrong poster size, the use of the official state buildings and the display of arms and weapons. Violence incidents related to firing were also done however fortunately there were no physical harms or loss of lives. Protests have been increasingly done in the case of voters asking their constituency politicians about the work that they have done for the people however many candidates were seen responding to them either by staying silent or cross questioning them.

However, in all cases the use of mobile phones for recordings has been detrimental as the candidates have seen to fear social media.

The use of violence can not only be limited to firing and protest but rather an unfortunate incident in Bhakkar was the use of violence on a four year old boy who mistakenly tore PTI’s posters.

Next to violation of code of conduct, protests, intimidation, inflammatory speech, physical harms, rigging and property loss were also marked categories.

An important event that happened this week was the brief detainment of Jibran Nasir who made live videos and told his followers how discrimination happens in our country. He also announced his movement against the VIP culture. The news was mostly tweeted and reposted on Facebook due to his large support among youth groups.

ECP took serious notice of a PML-N candidates remarks on how it is “haram” to cast vote for women candidates. Show cause notices have also started being issued to those who have not complied with the ECP guide.

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